Welcome to our new blog

Thank you for visiting the new Traidcraft in depth blogging site.

Traidcraft plc is one of the leading dedicated fair trade companies in the UK and globally, with over 35 years’ experience of buying and selling a range of ethically traded goods.

Traidcraft Exchange is a development charity that aims to fight poverty through trade.

Although we do some brilliant development projects and policy work, we haven’t been as good at shouting about it, telling people what we’re up to and starting discussions.

This blog is intended to address that shortfall, and we will be regularly updating it with news and views from across the organisation.

Although we all work to further our central goal of fighting poverty through trade, Traidcraft’s team represents a huge range of interests and experiences. Our staff are based in offices in Gateshead, London, Kenya, Bangladesh and India, and we frequently travel further afield to visit projects and producers. Activities range from working with farmers and producers to build their capacity and expertise, to advocating for governments to support fairer trading relationships. Furthermore, we buy products from over 30 developing countries that vary from nuts and honey to children’s toys.

As much of our work as possible will be featured on this blog. Our first three posts demonstrate the range of content on offer:

If you want to comment or get in touch with the author directly, please do so. It would be fantastic to hear your views and to use this blog as a springboard for conversation.

Traidcraft’s main blog will still be up and running so please carry on looking at that for information about how Traidcraft plc is getting on, and for any important announcements that are relevant to the entire organisation.

Furthermore, our campaigns blog will remain in place and will continue to update you with the latest on our campaign actions.

Do use the contact page on this blog to let us know your feedback, including any posts that you would like to see from us. All thoughts, reflections and suggestions are welcome!

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